Weekly Wine Pick: The Grinder Pinotage 2013

Okay, so this is not caffeinated wine.  As far as I know, that doesn't exist.  But you've got to admire a wine that pays homage to the great drink that gets us up in the morning.  As you've probably guessed from the bulk of my reviews, I'm not a huge red wine fan.  But there are a couple of reds out there that get my seal of approval.  This South African wine, that has notes of espresso in it, is one of them:

Tasting notes: Coffee, Nut, Spice
Pair with:  Pulled Pork Poutine, Red Meat

Cost:  $ 13.95 CDN

Perks: This wine has a sort of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory type charm.  I love its design and think it would be a great wine to stock for a themed party.
Cons: Not as spicy as some of the few reds I enjoy, but that's okay.

Overall Glossless Rating (based on totally unscientific and arbitrary values): 7.8/10

Glossless Loves...Penguin Mugs

Who's afraid of a Virginia Woolf inspired coffee mug? Not I.

The only thing that comes close to the pleasure of reading for me, is that very first cup of coffee in the morning.  So you can only imagine how bananas I went when I spotted the Penguin Mugs collection in some charming Roncesvalles Ave. secondhand bookshop whose name momentarily escapes me.

My days of literary name-dropping are finito!  I'm going back for Great Expectations and The Great Gatsby.  Sure it's a bit pretentious but who cares!  They're affordable enough to gift to any of your fellow book nerds, and if mugging ain't your thing, they also have notebooks in the same classic cover style.

Now and again, when I want to push my book-love over the edge, I even brew me a cup of Balzac's Coffee Roasters- The Atwood Blend.  Also a great gift idea.  I mean, how exquisite is that packaging?