Cocktail of the Moment: Lemon Lover's Spritzer

Lemoncello Spritzer.jpg

I've got a bad case of Italiamania. Blame it on The Sopranos.  I only started watching the series this year, almost (not quite) 10 years since the final episode aired. I am happy that I waited until I was no longer a teen/young twenty-something to take in the complexity that is 'T' and his family.  I can honestly say that other than Six Feet Under and The West Wing (both of which I also starting watching years after they wrapped), The Sopranos is the best series that television has ever produced.

So you can understand how I'm in serious withdrawal since I said goodbye to the hilarious, tragic, hedonistic, masochistic, and sometimes even slightly heroic characters that make up the The Sopranos.   My heart aches with the knowledge that there can be no come-back movie because of the passing of James Gandolfini.  It just wouldn't be the same.

So I ween myself off of The Sopranos slowly by watching Lilyhammer (with Steve Van Zandt aka Silvio Dante from The Sopranos) and making myself a stiff Lemon Lover's Spritzer.

Limoncello is one of those liqueurs that is, in my opinion, very hard to stomach on its own due to its sweetness.  I remember buying a bottle of it when I was 17-years old and in Sorrento for the first time in my life,  totally enamoured with the lemon groves and the sea cliffs.  That first trip left such an impression on me that I even considered getting a lemon tattoo for a while.

I still dream of going back to the south of Italy with my soon-to-be husband, Jeremy, even though I visited as recently as 2006.   Perhaps our honeymoon will bring me back there for a third time.   At least now I'll have enough money to buy myself a real leather purse, maybe even a Vespa (not quite).

Until then, here's my recipe for Lemon Lover's Spritzer, a diluted version of the digestive that can be served after a hearty meal,  or even for dessert!

Lemon Lover's Spritzer


1 oz. Limoncello

1/2 cup of Perrier

1 Lemon Slice


Measure out 1 oz. of Limoncello liqueur and pour into a flute or slim glass.  Fill the rest of your glass with Perrier. Take a slice of lemon and squeeze for extra tartness.  Throw the slice in and let sit in your glass.  Prepare to pucker your lips as you enjoy this drink.  I imagine that you could also switch out the Perrier for Prosecco for an extra boozy version of this Spritzer.