Essential Foods For Glossless Women

That fancy part of my brain which thinks it has the capability of breaking old habits (is it the wishful thinking cortex?) often daydreams about all the arugula salmon salads with balsamic dressing I'll be eating in my future. 

In those daydreams I'm about fifteen pounds slimmer and sitting at a desk with perfectly framed photographs of my life's milestones (book launches, babies, dogs, successful haircuts), rather than the drafty desk I currently sit at while sealing envelopes all the livelong day. 

But let's get real folks. It is presently winter and I double-dare any glossless woman to go a week without her comfort foods. I, for one, am literally guided by stomach. It's like a mood ring that turns different colours depending on what I'm craving.  

-Green for fried pickles
-Yellow for poutine with extra sauce
-Black for squid-ink pasta
-Red for margherita pizza
-Brown for burger with a thin layer of gouda (obviously)
-Pink for literally any cupcake confection under the sun

I thought I could go on forever but I blanked at blue. I'm not really a fan of blueberries. Blue cheese on the other hand...

A recent burger I devoured at a Niagara-on-the-lake vineyard

Good ole' glossless fun (GOGF) project of the dayGoogle image the word food ring. I promise you it won't be disappointing.