Date Night: The Glossless Method

Or... how to amp up the romance when your mother-in-law is out of the house.

For all of you who are not familiar with a somewhat unique situation that is living-with-your-kind-of in-law-even-though-you-are-not-technically-married, let me give you the skinny on it.  For one, there are many aspects of it that are great.

Meal time is out this world (our little 5'2 dynamo can make a pie out of anything) and I've always got another girl to tag team with me against the man of the house if he steps out of line, or doesn't take out the garbage.  I've got a wardrobe consultant and hole-in-my-shirt mender, who also has incredible taste in music, and is just enough of a flower child at heart to tell me the unbridled truth about the 60's-70's.  Holy Toledo, does it ever sound like an awesome time to grow up in!

If date night is done just right, even your cat will want to celebrate!
On the flip side, it can be hard to plan a candlelit dinner for three...really hard.  So when Mamma's out and about, we (the beau and I) try to maximize our alone time together. 

Making time for each other, as cliché as it sounds, is an important thing to remember to do.  It's so easy for people to just zone out and fiddle with their iPads.  I've heard so many live-in couples complain about spending ample time together and yet not really taking notice of each other.  I could lead that choir.

That's why I've recently tried to step it up a bit, while still being organic about the whole love thing.
Sometimes you gotta light the spark with a blow torch, you know?

On that note, here are my date night essentials that are sure to hook any man's heart like a helpless fish:


1) A selection of non-chick-flick movies (Argo will do.  As will any of the Bourne movies.  Dudes can't seem to get enough of Ben or Matt).
2) A fridge stocked with your lover's favourite brand of beer.  Or bubbly in a mason jar.  Nothing says romance like bubbly in a mason jar.
3) Some old Smashing Pumpkin CD's.  I never realized until earlier this week that Billy Corgan sang so many understated, why-don't-we-head-into-the-bedroom-and-make-babies songs. My favourite is "In the Arms of Sleep".  Believe me, you won't sleep a wink. 
4) Hands.  People are like puddles.  If you can give a decent back rub then you're the marrying kind.  That rule goes both ways. 


1) A pocket full of cash.  It's tacky these days to assume that it's just the gent that has to foot the bill.  Especially if you make him pick up all your lady stuff at the pharmacy every other day.
2) Silky stockings.  It's like regular footsie on crack.
3) Hummus.  Just kidding.  Who carries around a tub of hummus on a date?
4) Metropasses.  Because some of the most gosh-darn romantic moments happen on the subways.  Like when you get sleepy after drinking too much wine together at a restaurant and scare all the other patron's away by talking about your cat's abnormally high IQ.  On special nights like these, you can just sink into each others arms (and those red vinyl seats) and wake up somewhere around Kipling station.

The best dates are always at The Ontario Science Centre
Okay, so maybe I don't give top notch advice about keeping things hot-to-trot.  But can you blame me?  I've been in a relationship since like 1992... haha... not quite.

Now that I've spilled the proverbial pink beans, I'd love to hear how you all celebrate date night, or if you even see the value in it?  Do tell...