Glossless Musings on Matters of Employment

I made a promise to my Dad that I'd be a big shot one day.

So I've realized that holding out for the one job that is going to fulfill me on all levels and elevate me to the status of superhuman in the workforce, is kind of like waiting around for a soul mate to make me complete.  Don't so many of us have gaps in our hearts labelled  "in search for the right one", whether it be a job, a love interest, or even a perfect spring trench coat?

In matters of love, I was never really all that good at playing the field (networking, so to speak) so when I got recruited by someone whose face I can still stand to look at seven years later, that was a relief.

In my early twenties, I learned that love (at least) was not what I originally thought it was. It was way harder and ultimately more rewarding. A work-in-progress, with challenges, triumphs, setbacks, scary periods of near operational shutdown and most importantly, not something that completed me entirely but rather a catalyst for personal growth that gently begged the question "What areas do you think you need to develop in?"

But when it comes to the search for a meaningful career, I'm still the wallflower sitting at the edge of the party waiting for someone to overtly, unmistakably drag me to the center of the dance floor and transform me into the belle of the ball. Too scared to campaign for the jobs I really want out of fear that I'll fail at them, I accept side flings in my field (which while I'm grateful for, only further fuel my hunger for job stability).

I've heard the baby boomer generation voice concerns that we youngsters are entering the workforce impatiently.  That we want to start at the top with minimal effort and experience.  That excessive schooling robbed us of any sense of how the real world operates.  I personally think we just want a glimpse of the top, to know that we are ultimately not treading on flat landscape for the rest of our working lives.  I think we just want some kind of reassurance that we will be able to contribute to something that ultimately matters to us and not always watch the magic happen from a place just outside of our reach.  Then again, that's just me speaking, just my opinions tempered by experiences, good, bad and meh.

I'm curious to hear from others. How do you feel about the job world and your current place in it? What are your expectations? And is the best way to get out there simply to drag yourself into the centre of the dance floor and start boogieing until someone ultimately takes notice?