Glosslessly Under The Weather

Greetings from the land of saltines and ginger ale!

Talk about karma.  I kept on boasting about not getting sick this winter and lo and behold, my stomach revolted.  It simply wouldn't and couldn't digest anything this week.  It was a rather humble reminder that sometimes all my late-night indulgences come back to haunt me.  Now that I'm back on solids, I've had to cut my portions in half.  It has essentially been an enforced diet plan.

But just because I'm illin' like a villain doesn't mean this girl can't dream. Yesterday, I picked up a copy of Chatelaine's March 2013 "Organize Your Entire Life!" and devoured it (no pun intended). Because, for me, there's nothing like the promise that I might one day be able to a) have a desk b) organize that desk c) have pretty things to put on the desk, to get out of bed when I can hardly move.  I'd suggest picking up a copy.  There's some really great human interest stories in there along with a profile of the ever-so-hip Toronto neighbourhood The Junction.

Nothing to brighten up a floor like a good read
This is my current desk situation aka. my lap
I'll tell you the best thing about being sick, though.  You get to ruthlessly manipulate the ones you love into doing things for you more often then you usually ruthlessly manipulate them.  I didn't just stop at requesting that my boyfriend prop my head up with my pillow...that would be too simple. He was my 24hr man-maid.  I even made him plug in my computer while being mere inches away from the electrical socket.  It was quite delightful.  In return he taught me the most important lesson of my life, which is how to flatten ginger-ale:

"First, open the bottle to make sure it doesn't explode everywhere after you shake it.  Second, close it again and give it a good shake.  Finally, SLOWLY open the cap and let the gas escape.  Rinse and repeat until your ginger ale is flat.  If you do not have a bottle, you can always pour the ginger ale between two cups repeatedly but where's the fun in that?!?"-Jeremy

I'd love to hear how you all abuse the "sorry, I'm sick" system!