A Shoe Awakening

You know how people sometimes acquire a taste for something they never cared for, like olives or oysters?  Well, that's sort of what's happened to me with shoes.  All my life, girls I knew could talk about shoes until the cows came home and I'd just sort of shrug.  I mean, I'd wear them out of pure necessity (weddings etc.) but having a collection never really appealed to me.  A walk-in closet would probably just be another space to store my books.

But that was before I had my "shoe awakening".  It's been less then a month since I went to see the Roger Vivier exhibit at the Bata Shoe Museum (327 Bloor Street West) with my friend Chloe, yet the way I think and feel about how we house our feet has forever changed.  Getting the chance to really take in Vivier's work throughout the years, first with Christian Dior and then for his own label, has convinced me that quality shoe making is, in fact, a high art.

Vivier, who died in 1998 at the age of 90, was trained as a sculptor at École des Beaux Arts, and it shows in every bit of his shoes.  While he's sometimes credited for inventing (if not perfecting) the stiletto heel, it's his comma heel that I really swoon over.  Every writer's gotta have one!

Since owning a pair of his house's shoes is still a bit beyond my reach, I've settled for a cute postcard to remind myself of the exact time and place I fell in love with shoes.  I also picked up some shoegazing notecards from Indigo bookstore over the weekend, so that each time I gift something, someone I love has a card so whimsical, I dare them to throw it out! 

I finally get it.  A woman's right to shoes, and all that jazz.

I'll settle for some shoe paraphernalia, while I save for some perfect comma heels.

P.S. I'm working on getting a better camera, so that my blog images are not so amateurish anymore. Apologies for my fuzzy camera phone pics of late!