Glosless Loves...Sweet Nothing Necklaces

Disclaimer: While I enjoy the PG-13-type inscription options for this necklace. I'm surprisingly too square to like the more uncouth ones.

When I first set eyes on a Sweet Nothing Necklace in a petite vintage store in Montreal, I knew I had to eventually have one (as well as buy one for each member of my posse).  What's cuter than a heart-shaped necklace with inscriptions like "blah blah blah", "in it to win it", or "really f--- cute" on it?  The problem was that I was strapped for cash on that particular visit so I had to pass on buying them then and there.

I tried to find a shop that carried these same hipster-hearts in Toronto but with no luck whatsoever.  So I did what any modern girl would do, I bought them on the internet from In God We Trust, the  cooler than cool store that makes them in Williamsburg, NY (that's an area in Brooklyn for all of us clueless Canucks).  I'll just say that they did not disappoint.  Every time I see one of my gal pals rocking their heart necklace, I'm reminded that while money can't buy you love, it sure can buy you lovely things. 

Buyer's tip:

While getting these dainty tokens in the mail seemed like the most convenient way to proceed, I'll just say that the shipping costs for these things are OUTRAGEOUS, especially when the box arrives a week later with dents in it.  I had to ship one back because it was in such bad shape.  I still love the product, but think that the next time I splurge on one of these hearts, I'll do it the old fashioned way.  At the very least, it'll be an excuse to hit up St-Viateur Street, or maybe even Brooklyn!

 P.S. While we are on the subject of hearts, this song by the late, great Miss Joplin will always symbolize to me that summer is just around the bend.