Glossless Loves...Queen B Pastry Cookies

Having a hard time choosing between a crownie and a cocolime cookie? Just follow my lead and eat them both.

Who knew that gluten-free could ever rival my affection for flour pastries?  That butterless cookies could steal the #1 sweetspot in my heart?  To be perfectly honest, I only snatched up these Queen B Pastry cookies from the cute UMA cafe around the corner from my work out of desperation.  It was my night to pick up dessert and I was pressed for time.  Their packaging seemed tres chic, but I hardly thought they'd taste good.

You see, when I bake, I usually melt half of the world's reserve of butter into my goods before adding small mountains of flour.  I'm so butter heavy you might as well call me Paula Deen (pre-diabetes diagnosis of course).  So I was skeptical when it came to these flourless, butterless cookies.

One bite of the decadent Crownie, which essentially tastes like a brownie in cookie form, and I was hooked.  It's loaded with almonds, cocoa powder and dark chocolate.  While it's not super-gooey, it isn't rock solid either - it's got substance.  It ain't a wimp that's going to crumble apart it your hands.

The cocolime cookie isn't a shabby runner-up either, if lime and coconut floats your boat (it sure does mine).

 I was excited to learn a few splendid things about the company that makes these darlings from their website:

1) That Kim Broadway, the pastry chef behind Queen B Pastry, started baking gluten-free for her niece, who has an intolerance.  According to the site, her mission is to create and perfect pastries that taste good enough by a pastry chef's standards and also dazzle her niece.

2) That Queen B Pastry goods are also carried in many other cafes that I love or want to try: Belljar Cafe, Ezra's Pound, Dark Horse Espresso.

3) That I still have plenty more goodies to try from Queen B: Orange Olive Oil cake, Matcha Almond Cake... mmmmm... just call me a gluten-free glutton!

P.S. While I personally don't have an intolerance to gluten, it's comforting to know that there are products out there that are so good that people who do have an intolerance don't have to compromise on taste.