Glossless Loves...Soma Chocolatemaker's "Old School" Chocolate

The perfect choice for gals who like their chocolate as ruff, gruff and tuff as possible.

For me to have made a pit stop on my way home from work today (in the opposite direction, mind you) there had to be a gosh darn good reason to do so

For me to have ventured forth in what can only be described as an erratic spring snow drizzle, simply to shell out 23 of my own hard earned dineros, there had to be a really gosh darn good reason to do so.

The reason, my friends, is Soma Chocolatemaker, a chocolate shop with two locations in Toronto (the Distillery District & King Street West).  They make tiny batches of artisan chocolate out of cocoa beans hailing from all around the world.  To step into Soma is infinitely dangerous for one's pocketbook and waistline.  It both delights and pains me to admit that I hit up the two Soma locations in a little under a week. 

The first time I went to Soma's (the original Distillery shop on Friday) my friend's fiance bought the "Old School" chocolate bar, which is so dark and gritty it tastes like something Clint Eastwood would eat while muttering to himself under his breath (see label above for ingredients). While it's unrefined, bitter and almost barky taste is not for everyone, for me a simple bite was like first love all over again, in the form of a bad boy chocolate bar.  I naively chose a lesser milk chocolate bar with lemon preserves for myself, but when all was said and done I was pining away for my very own bar of "Old School".

So, I bit the bullet today and acquainted myself with the other Soma on King, to get me my dark and loathsome prize, plus two other bars of "Costa Rican Milk Chocolate" for my unadventurous beau, who says his chocolate was "good clean fun and didn't taste like soap".  I told him he should become a food critic. Bah!

Anyhow, if you got a few greens sitting around in your clutch or man purse, go out and get some of this exquisite chocolate. You won't regret it. I am personally dying to go back and try "the Starry Night Collection", which is essentially dark chocolate with maldon salt sprinkled over it.  Although, I might space out my next visit so I don't end up in the poor house.

Mostly, remember that a little chocolate never hurt anyone. This awesome commercial from the 90's taught me that.