Glossless Loves...KAS Australia bedding

The embroidered flower bud duvet cover set by KAS Australia                                    Photo Credit: La Maison Simons
One spot in my very gender neutral chambre à coucher (French for bedroom) that absolutely must be prim is our bed.  Our bed is where I do my best conversing, power-napping and heck, even fighting.  It's the one spot where my boyfriend and can totally unwind and let go of our daily stresses and struggles.

So both of us were kind of bummed when our black and white sheet/comforter set that we bought a  year ago recently started to lose its stuffing and rip.  Isn't bedding suppose to last you at least 5 years? It was of the bargain brand variety, and while I'll never balk at a good deal, I've learned that there are certain investments that people should make for the sake of quality.  Bedding is one of them!

This duvet is as comfy as pie on a rained-out summer day

Intricate flower bud detailing, no actual watering required
Which is why, this time around, we've gone with KAS Australia available at La Maison Simons (a Quebec department store), or Bed Bath and Beyond (in Ontario and a couple of other provinces).  I probably looked at a thousand bedding brands before I found one that truly made me salivate.  Everything this Sydney-based design team creates looks like it's been plucked from a secret garden, or picked up in some exotic sun-drenched location or modern art museum.  One can argue that the embroidered flower bud duvet cover set we finally ended up picking was quite conservative compared to others, but I figure less is more when the rest of your room looks like it's the aftermath of a natural disaster.

Jeremy was so inspired by our bed that he ran out and bought us some high-thread count Egyptian cotton sheets in a matching green.  Better than a bouquet, I'd say.

Next up, an actually bed frame with storage underneath.  Then an actual TV stand for our TV (we are currently using a night table as a stand),  a coffee table that doesn't look like a wild animal danced on top of it, a real desk for the computer as oppose to an old kitchen table.... You get the picture.

 Ikea, here we come!