Pit Stop :Caplansky's Thunderin' Thelma Food Truck

When I first moved to Toronto from Montreal early last June, I wasn't sure whether it would be a forever and ever kind of move.  The reason being that I wasn't convinced I'd be able to settle down anywhere long-term without a Jewish deli like the famous Schwartz's Montreal Hebrew Delicatessen to satisfy my cravings for smoked meat, and well, smoked meat.  Schwartz's is so deeply embedded in Montreal food culture, that there is even a musical written about it by Bowser & Blue (a Montreal comedy duo).  I knew I was giving up a lot by traveling down the 401 with all my worldly possessions, but smoked meat wasn't an option.

For a moment there, I was nothing more than a lost girl floating around in a great big sea of Torontonians, without a side of greasy fries or even so much as a pickle to tide me over...

Photo Credit: Casey Woods                         Nothing like a bit of sunshine with your smoked meat                                                                                                        
Then Caplansky's Delicatessen's food truck, Thunderin' Thelma, rolled into my life and the rest is, as they say, history.  Comparing Caplansky's to Schwartz's would be kind of like trying to compare Toronto to Montreal itself.  I'd rather not go there.  But I will say that Caplansky's fare fills that gap in my life.

Every time Thunderin' Thelma rolls into the parking lot around my work, I start getting giddy like a kid when they hear the ice cream truck.  I drop any healthy lunch I might have prepared for myself and spend an hour outside debating between the smoked meat special or brisket sliders.  I can easily drop $20 on this food truck, even if I end up eating only half of it.  What can I say, food trucks are still novel to me.  So if you combine my favourite comfort foods with the convenience of a truck that comes directly to me, you've got one satisfied customer.  Check out my awe-inspiring lunch below:

            Photo Credit: Casey Woods                        Yes folks, that's a smoked meat sandwich and fries with a bacon doughnut 

I will warn you that if you do go for the combo like I did (a smoked meat sandwich, fries, coleslaw and a drink) while also requesting smoked meat gravy on your fries (they ran out of coleslaw so I figured I had to compensate somehow) you will probably be full for an entire week. Topping it off with a dessert (bacon doughnut) will send you into full on food-shock.  But it's worth it!  You only live once, right?

P.S: Today officially marks my one year anniversary in Toronto. I guess I can get used to it here ;) .