Glossless Loves...A Splash of Rosé

While I'm by no means a wine expert,  you'll never, ever see me galloping towards the bargain bin to get a bottle of plonk that is

barely drinkable.

Heck, I wouldn't even cook with bad wine

.  So what does that make me?

A well-intentioned but ultimately clueless wino who likes a decently priced bottle of wine that tastes like a lazy day in the South of France (note: In truth, I've only spent a couple of days in France, mostly reclining on a rocky beach in Nice where the air tasted of sea salt and tanned, old french men).

You won't really hear me speaking of tasting notes (everything ultimately tastes like wine to me). But I do know this: I like my wines to be crisp and verging towards dry. I'm also a big gift-giver of wine, so if I find a bottle that


has a beautiful label, you'll pretty much see me handing one out to each of my friends as they graduate, get married, buy a house etc. 

White wine is usually my poison, but lately I'm having a little bit of a summer fling with Rosé. I've discovered that not all Rosés need to be popsicle sweet like the brand that my brother drinks (sorry Joe, but your favourite wine tastes like cotton candy). Instead, they can be subtle, complex, and even a bit tart.

So here are my two affordable Rosé pics this season (sorry, neither are actually French, I realize). The first one is pretty darn dry,  while the second is more of your classically sweet without wanting to gag variety:


Carpineto Dogajolo Rosato, 2012 ($13.95)

: I must admit, I fell in love with the label of this Tuscan Rosé before I had the pleasure of tasting it. It's so dry that it'll actually surprise you with how clean-tasting it is. It's light and goes down like a dream. I'd personally pair it with grilled veggies and fish.

Floral designs make the heart grow fonder with every sip


Vintage Ink Cabernet Franc Rosé, 2012 ($16.95)

:  I love a solid Niagara wine, so when I saw this intriguing little number from


, I knew I needed to get my hands on a slightly chilled bottle. This wine is described as full-bodied, and that it is! If I had my way, I'd pair it with stuffed peppers or a quinoa salad. It was almost a tad too sweet for me, but just made the cut.  I think many of my friends would love it!

A girl's got to have her wine labels

Happy drinking, my friends (in moderation that is).

And please let me know what your favourite summer wine picks are!

I could add a few more to my repertoire.