Glossless Loves...Rifle Paper Co. Notebooks

With notebooks as good-looking as these two, you'll want to make sure your pen is not just any old ballpoint.

If there's one thing that I possibly have too much of, it's notebooks.  My apartment is littered with tons that I intended to write in, but always found a flaw with.  Some notebooks were deemed too small, their spines too thick and rigid to comfortably work with.  Others were sloppy and without character.  Still some were abandoned simply because they had my embarrassing attempts at poetry in them and every time I opened them up I was reminded that I am not Sharon Olds,  nor am I Anne Carson.

Considering my notebook addiction, you could say that I was careless in bringing home my most recent darlings, the Rifle Paper Co.Vintage Blossom Notebook Set.  That I am setting these poor 65-page notebooks up for failure by imagining that their sheer loveliness can somehow make me write award-winning stuff in them.  You could say that perhaps I'm putting too much stock in the idea of writing, when really I should be jotting down creative ideas on any surface that's available to me. You could say that a whimsical pattern is no cure for writer's block, or writer's self doubt.

But, but, but... they're so darn pretty, aren't they?  So even if they end up being over-sized coffee coasters and nothing more, they were worth the pretty penny I would have otherwise spent on the latest issue of Vogue, an iced latte and a candy bar.

Oh, in case you were curious, Rifle Paper Co. is a husband-and-wife-run stationary and gift company based in Florida.  Their designs are so delicate and quirky, I want to buy out their entire stock.  I've currently got my eye on one of their recipe boxes.  I originally thought you could only order merchandise online, but was overjoyed to discover that you can actually purchase their stuff in Toronto at Scout (405 Roncesvalles Ave.)

Pretty soon my entire abode will be covered in floral and fruit patterns.  My other half will just have to deal.
Poetry in motion, or in my case, slow motion!