Glossless Loves... Lancome's Rouge In Love Lipstick

This trio of pictures is meant to chronicle my intimate love affair with my new lipstick.

Is it possible to fall in love with a tube of lipstick?  The answer is yes (at least for me) if it meets the following criteria:

1) It doesn't resemble the cakey matte lipsticks that your grandmama would perpetually get all over her teeth.  2) It has the silky consistency of a not-too-gooey lipgloss, but gives you the vibrant color of a lipstick.  3) Its bottle is so sleek and sexy that every time you take it out, you feel like you're a high society girl.  4) It lasts for an eternity, so you aren't constantly reapplying after you eat (because you eat like, alllllll the time).   5) At roughly $30 a pop, it pretty much preforms like the prized stallion of the lipstick world.

Lancome's Rouge In Love series is just that!  The shade I bought a Sephora was

353M Rose Pitimini

. It's a soft pink that is perfect for day wear, but also a nice base colour for nights.  It's so light,  I barely realize I have it on.  It's snazzy enough to wear to a wedding, but also earthy enough to add to a minimally made-up face.

It's basically made me ignore all of my other lipsticks and engage in lipstick monogamy.  Not even my Dior lipgloss can hold a candle to it.  If Lancome does pinks this well, I can only imagine what their reds look like!?

Now excuse me while I go lock up my 'stick in my secret makeup vault.   Goodnight everyone!