Glossless Loves...An Earful of Canada

In celebration of the first day of Fall, I just want to sit around in my pj's listening to fellow Canucks belt their hearts out, or maybe take a brisk walk

I'm no music buff by any stretch of the imagination, so my taste in tunes might seem a little simplistic for some, even borderline corny.  But there's something about the cusp of fall that makes me want to listen exclusively to Canadian artists, to hum along to Neil Young songs as if I were a human harmonica, and watch early-90's-to-modern-day Tragically Hip videos on YouTube.

Truth is, I pretty much embrace all Canadian music, except for that Beiber kid.  I'm just so unabashedly patriotic sometimes, proud of what our musicians have accomplished on a national and international level.  I even get misty-eyed when someone brings up "Jann Arden" in a conversation, mostly along the lines of what ever happened to...  I'm THAT Canadian.  So here's my Canadiana playlist, for days when you just want to kick back under a plaid blanket with the smell of bacon grease wafting in the air and gently rock out, eh?

The Canadiana Playlist 

1- A Case of You by Joni Mitchell
2- Harvest Moon by Neil Young
3- The Darkest One by The Tragically Hip
4- The Stranger Song by Leonard Cohen
5- What a Good Boy by The Bare Naked Ladies
6- Basement Apartment by Sarah Harmer
7- Ahead by a Century by The Tragically Hip
8- Constant Craving by K.D Lang
9- Insensitive by Jann Arden
10-Life is a Highway by Tom Cochrane

So there you have it! By no means an extensive list, but one as comforting as sitting down with a volume of short stories by Alice Munro.  Now tell me, who would you include/exclude from your own Canadiana playlist?