Pit Stop: The Chocolateria On Roncesvalles

Think you can't improve on an original? Just pay The Chocolateria at 361 Roncesvalles Ave. a visit and see what they come up with!

Let it be known all across the land, there is only one thing in the world that I love more than dark chocolate, and that's poutine, but only by a very small and insignificant margin.  So it may come as no surprise that I literally troll the streets of Toronto looking for the best gosh darn chocolate in the city.  I've tried many places, The Golden Apple Confectionery Inc., Soma Chocolatemaker, and the now defunct XO Cava---to name a few.  But absolutely none hold a candle to The Chocolateria at 361 Roncesvalles Ave.  And I'll tell you why - not only does this divine little chocolate shop make an infinite variety of chocolatey treats, but they also make gourmet Turtles!  For all of you who need a Turtle refresher, they are those crunchy-caramel-pecan-chocolate candies that come in a red and white striped box with a nerdy looking turtle in a top hat (with a cane and monocle) on them.  I myself was never a fan of the grocery store bought treat, but my boyfriend is completely obsessed with them.  Every Xmas he demands a box of them, which he proceeds to horde for himself like a brat (which, quite frankly, I don't mind because to me they taste kind of waxy).

They may be called Turtles, but I personally refer to them as "Nerdish Delights".  Photo courtesy of simplyfrugal.ca.

Well, that was before I tasted the gourmet version of the classic Turtle, a.k.a. The Chocolateria's own "Sea Turtle".  This version is far more sophisticated.  It comes in either dark or milk chocolate (Jer's more of a milk man himself) and has a similar caramel-pecan center, but it's sprinkled with sea salt for an added hint of something savory.  Coupled with the fact that each sea turtle is about 5X bigger than an original Turtle, I'd say you've got yourself a clear winner!  Even Jer, the die-hard Turtle fan says they are "on par" with the real deal.

And if you thought The Chocolateria couldn't get any more swell, they also make their own ice-cream with natural ingredients.  There is one flavour in particular that has me swooning, the Avocado-Mint blend.  In case you didn't know, avocado and mint are right up there with my favourite yummy things!  For those who like more traditional flavors, they also make a great Salted Caramel and a very good Chocolate ice-cream (and quite frankly I'd be disappointed if they didn't) .

So next time you're taking a leisurely stroll on Roncy, make sure to stop in and ask The Chocolateria  a billion questions about their products.  The staff there is so friendly and probably won't mind the badgering of die-hard chocofanatics.

Now tell me folks, if you could have one flavor of ice-cream, or type of chocolate confection manifest in front of your very eyes right now, what would it be?  I'm curious to know, or perhaps I'm just hungry, eh?