Friday's (First) Wine Pick: Miraval Rosé 2012

Making movies and babies together and now wine?  What do these lovebirds have in store for us next? - Photo courtesy of FAB Magazine Online
Love them or hate them, we all know that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie collaborate well together, just take a gander at their genetically-superior looking brood of kids.  So it's no surprise that this power duo can also produce something else that's not too shabby...Wine!!!!!!

Yes, the Pitt-Jolie family actually owns an estate in Provence called Chateau Miraval (as if you didn't have enough reason to hate 'em already).  They just released their first wine, an elegant rosé, in August 2013.

In all honesty though, it's quite good.  So let's cut them slack, even if they are Mr. & Mrs. Smug.  

Note: I claim no actual wine knowledge whatsoever.  Everything is my humble opinion.  I just enjoy enough of it that I thought it would be fun to give my readers a weekly glimpse at what I'm drinking. Hope you enjoy every sip of this new series as much as I do. 

Miraval Rosé 2012:

Tasting notes: It's extra-dry without being too tart, but it's not for those who like their rosés to rival cotton-candy in sweetness. Medium-bodied with a hint of raspberry. Best served chilled.

Pair with: Chicken or fish. Nice and refreshing for a hot day, but also good year round.

Cost: $24.95 CDN

Extra perks:  The wine bottle is so sleek, it almost looks like the kind of thing you'd find aged whiskey or bourbon in. It's the type of wine you'd bring to your boss' house if your boss collected art.  He or she doesn't have to know it's Brangelina's wine. 

Overall Glossless Rating (based on totally unscientific and arbitrary values): 7.5/10

Now drink up and maybe after a few glasses we can all pretend we are Hollywood royalty!