Glossless Loves...A Pop of Pink in the Bedroom

Take a brief glace around my pad and you will realize it's still a tad touch-and-go on the decorating front, but things are coming together nicely.

At this moment my budget might not be able to support such lofty goals as, say, a salvaged wood coffee table (and I don't have any carpenter buddies who owe me any favours), but I can focus on the smaller things.  I've chosen my bed, because that's where I spend most of my time; watching Netflix, having meaningful discussions with my cat (and sometimes with my boyfriend) and catching up on my beauty sleep.  The bed is an easy choice, because upgrading your bedding is generally less costly then replacing a couch or redoing a floor.

A couple of months back, Jeremy and I took the first step in the initiative I will call "Project: Better Bed" by replacing our old duvet with a nature-inspired one.  Since then, we've added a few soft touches, also known as pillows.  Full disclosure: all we've really done is add some flower pins on one of our older pillows (that I saved from an old shirt that was going to toss) and bought a bright new pink pillow with a soft floral outline from Beddington's Bed & Bath (from the Bloor West Village location).  But heck, does that bright pink pillow ever make a difference.  I try to keep our room gender neutral otherwise, but I can't resist in this case.  I'd like to think that this pillow has a very distinct message: A gal lives here.  Hear her roaaaaaar!

Next up, we plan to shop for an actual bed frame!