Weekend Anxiety: It's A Real Condition

Not exactly any Toronto Life material being produced by yours truly just yet.
It seems like I'm always stuck dab in the middle of wanting to get a million things done on the weekend (like my freelance work, cleaning, organizing, cooking, blogging, exercising) and really just vegging out in front of the television the entire time.  The holy grail of weekends to me would be one in which I managed to complete a manuscript of pure gold while relaxing spa-like in my redone living room with a chicken pot pie baking in the oven (squeeze in an intense yoga class somewhere in there).  As if that's ever going to happen.

In reality, I spend so much of my precious time worrying about what I should be doing with my weekends, that the act of fretting sucks up most of my enjoyment of them.  When my boyfriend spots me all glassy-eyed from weekend anxiety, he likes to pump out this gem of a motto "do more, think less".  I'm fine with applying that plan of action to organizing my closet, but it can be really scary when the "do more" means actually sitting down and finishing that article you want to pitch to some glossy-magazine but think might make you the laughing stock of the universe.  It's at that moment where I usually decide that maybe I'm just going to devote my time to googling images of Frank Sinatra and Woody Allen and try to crack the mystery of who is Ronan Farrow's real daddy.

So far I've come up with a few techniques to calm my nerves and help me to refocus on more realistic weekend goals (like maybe getting a quarter of my to-do list actually done):

1) Taking a brisk walk ( there's nothing like fresh air to make you less stir-crazy)
2) Commit to cooking one great meal or baking one great treat (gives you something solid to focus on, and then you get to eat your hard work)
3) Writing anything (could be a haiku, but as long as you're churning something out)
4) Spending time with friends (they are the ultimate distraction from your real or imagined troubles)
5) Actually taking a look at what other people do with their spare time  will make you feel like a Rhodes Scholar (my cat sleeps most of the weekend and my boyfriend plays Grand Theft Auto in marathon proportions, and they are perfectly fine with their weekends) 
6) Dancing whenever possible (could be a brief shimmy in your bedroom in your birthday suit, but it works wonders on nervous energy)

And that's pretty much where I'm at.  Now tell me, what would you accomplish in your holy grail weekend, and how do you deal with your weekend anxiety?