Friday's Wine Pick: La Chablisienne Chablis Les Vénérables Vieilles Vignes 2010

What kind of wine does it take to make you come to peace with the fact that your much anticipated weekend is shaping up to be a snoozefest?  What kind of wine does it take to make you okay with the fact that everyone else in your household is watching hockey and you're "just not that into it"?  What kind of wine helps you to accept the fact that you just overdosed on discount Halloween candy and you can never take it back?  Chablis, that's what kind of wine. 

Chablis wines come from Burgundy, France, and taste as cool as the northern climate in which the grapes they're made from grow.  Chablis wines tend to be drier than most other white wines, but still possess a fullness to them.  My good old mum-in-law sings the praises of this wine every day of the week.  We tried this one tonight.

Tasting notes:  It's got a mineral-y taste to it.  Dry and very acidic.  Serve chilled.

Pair with:  Seafood, pear and brie on baguette, pork-chops or chicken with green beans.  

Cost:  $26.80 CDN

Perks:  This wine seems to just make the ordinary extraordinary.  Suddenly, I'm not just curled up in my pyjamas reading Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) because none of my girls wanted to go dancing - I've made the choice to stay in.  My Chablis concurs. 

Cons: Dry, dry, dry.  If you like your whites fruity, you're not going to be all too pleased with this one. 

Overall Glossless Rating (based on totally unscientific and arbitrary values): 8/10

So break out your best pair of sweats and enjoy this wine while power-reading your way through your own all-star book-list.