Friday's Wine Pick: Nashwauk Shiraz 2010

Now that we've had a little snow dusting here in "Tropical Toronto" and the temperature outside legitimately requires gloves, I'm officially trying to kick my white wine obsession.  This week's wine pick keeps with the somewhat frosty season, and gets me in the mood to make mulled wine (recipe coming soon).  It's a bit spicy and a bit dark, the perfect Shiraz to sip by the fireplace or space-heater (while closing your eyes and pretending it's a fireplace).  Its nautical label might even make you feel like you're sailing away to a warmer climate. Here are all the details:

Tasting notes: Dried Plums, Tar, Tobacco.
Pair with: Steak-Steak-Steak-Steak. Grilled Vegetables.

Cost:  $19.95 CDN

Perks: This wine was just released, and could double as a great gift. Its purple label would go well with the most glittery wine bag you can find.  Last year, the LCBO carried velvety-sequined bags around the holidays, so maybe that's where my mind is going.

Cons:  I found that the aftertaste was almost a little too tarry. It's also very tannin-heavy.

Overall Glossless Rating (based on totally unscientific and arbitrary values): 7.5/10