Friday's Wine Pick: Small Talk Faux Pas Riesling-Sauvignon Blanc 2011

When it's pitch black outside and you're delaying an already late supper so you can browse the liquor store in search of a wine to review, you sometimes need to make split-second decisions. You might very well have to say to yourself, "I'm gonna buy this wine because it's got a cutesy text bubble for a label".  Maybe it will work out and maybe it wont. That's the risk you take when you stray away from your rolodex of go-to wine labels (mine are Cave Spring, La Maison Willm, Masi). 

Perhaps it's haste, but I feel so-so about this Riesling-Sauvignon Blend.  On the plus side,  it's a Niagara wine, which makes me feel like I'm supporting semi-local wineries. But it's got a bit of a sour aftertaste that isn't all too pleasing.  I'm not sure if everyone would agree, but it's almost too tart for me, without being as crisp as advertised. 

Here's the details on this chatty white wine:

Tasting notes:  Citrus. Dry. Serve chilled.

Pair with:  Fish tacos, cheese plates, scallops.   

Cost:  $14.95 CDN

Perks:  This wine is all about its quirky presentation.  It's the kind of wine you bring to a party where you don't know anyone and you're shifting around awkwardly until someone starts examining the expressions on your bottle.  Suddenly, you're making real conversations with strangers! Dude next to you is blabbing away about the last time he travelled South America with only $3 dollars to his name, and you feel comfortable enough to reveal how you're secretly afraid of hamsters (do they turn into evil hamsters after dark?).

Cons: That sour aftertaste. It could just be me.  Everyone else who tried the wine had no problem with it.

Overall Glossless Rating (based on totally unscientific and arbitrary values): 7/10

Considering its affordability and good looks, I'd say this is a perfect gift for any host/hostess.  Leave it up to them to decide whether they are on the fence about this one.  The empty bottle could double as a temporary single-stem vase, if anything.