Glossless Loves...A Surprising Fall Bouquet

This bouquet is such an attention-getter, it almost eclipses our turquoise shelf.

Sure, nothing says "I love you" like a dozen roses, but nothing says "I know you don't like roses" like any other flower combination on the face of the planet.  So, when I received a hefty bouquet of ginger flower, sunflowers, and bird of paradise flowers for my anniversary this year, I was floored by what an unusual (and lovely) trio they made.  Ginger flowers are my absolute favourite, but I've never seen them play well with other flowers until now.  Admittedly, I went a little loco with my camera, even risking my life by kneeling on a shaky bar stool to try to shoot them from above.  Let's just say flowers are harder to photograph then I thought.  Here's the evidence:

Ginger, Sunflowers, and Bird of Paradise flowers, Oh My!

While this bouquet is bright, it feels very fall to me.  It also works well with our "Little Sante Fe" corner of the kitchen, where our cactus and aloe usually hang out.  Too bad cut flowers don't last as long as plants do!  Although, with my lack of a green thumb, nothing lasts all that long in my care.

Now tell me Glossless readers, what flower combos appeal to you?