Martini of the Moment: Lemon Drop

So I'm taking a break from Friday's wine pick this week, mostly because this particular Friday needed something with a bit more zing to it.  To put a new "twist" on an old saying, "When life gives you lemons, make a martini".  It's been a bit of a tiresome week, and while the blogosphere seems to keep on turning, I haven't been churning out as many blog posts as I'd like to.  Truthfully, I'm not feeling particularly inspired or creative these days, which makes me feel kind of sheepish as a blogger, since the success of lifestyle blogs are often based on their boundless whimsy.

Can't bloggers just be honest when they're feeling slobby, lazy, and would rather watch an entire season of "The Good Wife" in smelly pyjamas the post another DIY hair tutorial? Just saying...
Luckily, there is one thing that still inspires me - Martinis!  Since my boyfriend used to be a bartender, he's pretty much a cocktail encyclopedia, so I never have to troll the internet for recipes. They are all in his head.  While my favourite martini is a Dirty Martini (you saw that one coming, right?) I'll never pass up on a good old citrus martini.  The Lemon Drop Martini is so tart that it'll leave you puckering for a while.  Here's the Glossless approved method:

Lemon Drop Martini:


Vodka (average - definitely NOT top shelf)
Triple Sec
Lemon juice (fresh or concentrated)
Lemons for garnish
Sugar for rim (optional)


1 - Chill your martini glass with two or three ice cubes
2 - When chilled, put the ice cubes in the martini shaker
3 - Pour 1 ounce vodka, 1 ounce triple sec, 2 ounces lemon juice in to martini shaker
4 - Cut a round of lemon and put a small slice in it, rub that around the rim of your martini glass
5 - Roll the edges of your martini glass on a plate with sugar on it to coat the rim
6 - Shake your mixture vigorously and pour in to martini glass, reserving any extra for your next drink
7 - Serve with a fresh round or zest of lemon