Revelations, Not Resolutions

My parents own a hibiscus plant that flowers gloriously for a day before the flower withers. I think of resolutions like that.

As yet another year bites the dust, I'm starting to reconsider the effectiveness of resolutions.  Apart from the fact that breaking rules is one of my favourite pastimes, resolutions just seem like the perfect entrapment for failure.

So instead, I wanted to share with you something a bit more positive, a few revelations that I've had in 2013.  Some obvious, some hilarious, a few heartbreaking.  It's been far from an earth-shattering year for me, but then again, I tend to like the feeling of solid ground beneath my feet.

Revelation #5: Mom Jeans are actually a gift to mankind.  Moms were on to something big.  Of course you might look like you've stepped out of a bad 80's commercial if you sport them, but shit are they ever comfy.  I've invested in what I like to call the demi-mommy. High-waisted enough to not reveal my backside, but with enough forgiveness built into their fabric that I no longer feel like a human sausage. 100% bloating-proof.

momjeans Denim for a Difference
Photo Credit: SNL
Revelation #4People are more than what they do.  This is a fairly obvious one.  But never until this year has this hit home so hard.  While grappling with the fact that I'm still trying to make my way in the world,  I've met a ton of hard-working, generous people this year who have taught me a great deal about professionalism.  Some have landed their dream jobs, while others are doing what they need to do to get by.  The defining factor was not what they did, but the integrity they did it with and how they treated others.  What they've given me is a mental playbook that I can consult whenever I need guidance in the workplace or just in life in general.  What a gift that is.

Revelation #3: Mason jars are the foodie's secret to creative dieting.  My best friend Kat helped me realize this one.  You see, I've been struggling to eat well all year and each time I was close to some sort of routine, I'd fall off the bandwagon.  A fried pickle would call my name from across the room, and then I'd invite all the other fried pickles to join the party.  But then one day in recent history, Kat pulled out a mason jar from her bag to drink from, and I was like, "Bingo.  Let me start drinking green smoothies out of a jar so that I feel really whimsical while I diet."  Check in on me in a few months when I'm thin.

Revelation #2: Everything your parents predict will come true.  As a kid, I was so embarrassed when my mom put on what I perceived to be hillbilly country music.  My mom told me that one day I would love country music because that's what she grew up listening to, and that she was simply passing on that tradition.  This year I'm having a country-themed birthday party, and Dolly Parton is my spirit animal.  As a teen, dad warned me that one day I'd become more conservative, if not in my world views, then at least in my outfit choices.  I've since retired my short-shorts and tube tops.  The lesson here is that parents are like Magic 8 balls, only more accurate.

The only thing they haven't been able to predict so far is my love life (thankfully), which leads me to revelation #1.

Revelation #1: Long-time love is a sport of endurance.  And I'm that kid on the track that's sorely out-of-breath.  But then so is he.  We are wheezing, and coughing and crumbling to our knees.  We are sore losers.  We like quick pony-tricks and instant gratification.  Sometimes we care more about the myriad of faces in the crowd then we do about our own running partner.  But despite our bloody knees, we are still stumbling towards something.  Together. 

What have your revelations been this year?  Please do share.  I can even stomach a resolution or two.  Happy New Year!