Happy Birthday Glossless!

It's been a year of good eats, treats, and a whole lot of glossless griping. 

I remember thinking to myself last year that I will never have the stamina, do-it-yourself skills, or even Photoshop skills of most other lifestyle bloggers out there, so why throw myself into the mix?

Mainly because I think that while a lot of us (including myself) like to read blogs that look like the insides of glossy magazines, where each and every detail is perfectly staged and framed and propped to perfection, at the end of the day we are returning to our apartments and houses, to our realities, our messes, and I prefer to document what it's like to be a real person.

A person whose cookies sometimes flop, whose coffee table is covered in crumbs, whose shirt is in bad need of ironing.  This year, more than anything, has been an exercise in coming to terms with being real.  I've acquired a couple of readers along the way, and thank you for every read, share, like, and kind word.

Glossless is still a small fry, but home-grown and oven-baked she is. Ready to take on another year.  Merci again for the support!