Pit Stop: Pizzeria Libretto on Ossington/Danforth

Libretto was one of the words buzzing in my ears when people were trying to coax me to swap Montreal for Toronto a little over a year and a half ago. 

"You just have to try the pizza at Libretto!" those seasoned Torontonians said, planting the seed in my brain.

One might assume that I based my move to Ontario on Montreal's deteriorating infrastructure, job market, and hostile political climate, but you'd be wrong.  I really just skipped town because Toronto has better pizza, in my humble opinion of course.

Pizza is one of those uber-subjective things that no one will really ever agree on.  Some people like their 'za really thick and greasy, while others prefer a daintier slice.  Some are minimalists when it comes to toppings, while others embrace the oddest of combinations like beets, sweet potatoes, and goat cheese.  Which means that not everyone is going to rave about Pizzeria Libretto like I do, but those who like it, like it a lot.

When I finally got around to trying the pizza at Libretto (221 Ossington Ave or 550 Danforth Ave), it's taste and texture lingered in my mind for days afterwards.  Something about the fresh mozzarella, generous basil and the thin "blistered" crust, as Libretto's website refers to it, left an impression deep in my gut.  I learned that part of my infatuation was due to the care that they put in to making their pizza. The website says that Libretto aims to make its pizza as close to Neapolitan as possible, cooking it in a wood-fired oven at high heat for 90 seconds.  Having never been to Napoli, I can't tell you how successful they are in that regard, but darn, does it ever taste good.

Today my coworkers made a pit stop at Libretto and brought me back a classic Magherita D.O.P. pizza, just simple cheese, tomato and basil.  One practical coworker told me that if I had any leftovers I could just freeze them for lunch tomorrow.  I barked back "THERE WILL BE NO LEFTOVERS!"  I was right!  I emerged from an empty meeting room 10 minutes later with the look of triumph on my face.  I washed my perfect pizza down with an equally scrumptious arugula salad with pear, shaved piave cheese and a light vinaigrette.  I nibbled on a couple of biscotti for good measure.

And this, my friends, is why I never looked back.  Now tell me, what's your favourite place to go for a slice in Toronto?

Buon appetito