Wednesday's Wine Pick: Dirty Laundry Not So Knotty Chardonnay 2012

As I sit in my bed trying to review wine while piles and piles of my own dirty laundry grow into small hills, I realize that being an amateur wine reviewer is not always a glamorous job.  It entails reviewing wine even when you're not in the mood to drink.  I know that simply uttering the words "not in the mood to drink" sounds blasphemous, but there are times where I'd rather just go to bed with a glass of water by my nightstand than sip on the drink of Dionysus.   I guess it's just my luck that this Wednesday's wine pick is so extraordinary, that it has turned my reluctance to drink into outright enthusiasm.  This bottle was the wine-y equivalent of the expression "turn that frown upside down". 

A note on where this wine is from: I've never been to the West Coast of Canada, but have heard rave reviews from my friends who vacation in the Okanagan Valley.  I hope to make it out this summer for these same friends' wedding, but for the time being,  I'll toast to their happiness from the almost- East Coast! So without further ado, here's this weeks review: 

Tasting notes: Tropical Fruit, Crisp
Pair with:  Ham & Brie Sandwiches,  Grilled Chicken Kebobs, Pork

Cost:  $26.95 CDN

Perks: This wine is both full-bodied and off-dry.  It will feel as though you are sipping on summer in the wintertime.  Much cheaper than booking an exotic vacation

Cons:  It's a bit on the pricy side for a chardonnay, which my boyfriend calls "a commoner among wines" but it's actually the best chardonnay I've ever tasted (so he can keep his opinions to himself).

Overall Glossless Rating (based on totally unscientific and arbitrary values): 9.5/10