Why I Avoid Posting About Fashion (Like The Plague)

Outfit Breakdown- Hat: Boyfriend  Shirt: Hand-Me-Down  Tights: Wal-Mart  Welly Socks: Costco

Don't get me wrong, I love a good fashion blog.  So much so that I scroll through at least five of them before work every day while enjoying my morning latté.  Drinking in those darling specimens of coquettishness, whose personal fashion sense and commitment to high heels is unwavering, never fails to keep me regular.

My top two fashion bloggers would have to be Cathy from Poor Little It Girl and Kayley from Sidewalk Ready, mostly because these stylish bloggers both seem remarkably down-to-earth, and sensible enough to mix high-and-low cost items together, so that all of us fashion underlings can realistically afford some of the clothes that they feature on their blogs. Very well...

But while I bow down to the altar of fashion now and again, you will never see me post about my personal fashion sense, unless it's because I'm trying to make fun of it.  See the above picture if you need any photographic evidence.  Yep, that's the kind of outfit I wear regularly enough on the weekend, and my weekly couture is not much better.

It's not that I have no fashion sense whatsoever, but rather that I tend to gravitate towards a style that can only be described as grandma-chic.  Almost everything I own needs to go with pearls, and I leave tacky lipstick stains on every cup or cheek that my lips touch.  I match my hat to my scarf to my rouge, even though I know that doing so is terribly old-fashioned.  I buy my shoes for comfort, and have been spotted around town wearing puma sneakers with my most elegant faux fur rimmed peacoat.  Even with proper riding boots to go with said peacoat,  I'm no Grace Kelly in the style department.  Not by a long shot.

And beyond my personal failings in the world of couture, there are certain questions that I have about fashion blogs that I just can't seem to figure out. 

Q1-Why is everyone's hair always so perfect in fashion blog pictures?  Does no one EVER have a bad hair day?  Is everyone just genetically blessed with hair from the gods?  If so, I missed out.

Q2-Why are the quality of the pictures featured in fashion blogs always spectacular?  Does everyone own a better camera than me?  Is everyone friends with or married to a professional photographer?

Q3-Why is it that when it snows in fashion blog photos, the snow always looks so light and fluffy and the bloggers are always featured in outfits that they would realistically freeze their butts off in?  Do they have magic powers that make the snow not cold to them? Is this a question that only a Canadian would ask?

Q4-How do fashion bloggers spend so much time in heels?  How?  How?  How?  I've tried and it always look like I've got a bad limp or that I'm stumbling around half-drunk when really it's just that I can't rightly maneuver in those contraptions.

If any fashion blogger out there can answer these questions, I'll mail them a box of designer cookies.  If not, just keep on doing whatever you're doing ladies... and I'll just keep on wearing the welly sock inserts from my Hunter Boots inside the house sans boots, pretending that it's the next buzzing trend in Vogue or Vanity Fair.

Deal?  Deal.