Cocktail of The Moment: The Pink Oscar


It might be all about the red carpet tonight, but your drink doesn't have to follow suit.  It can sparkle just as brightly in pink.

I somehow convinced my sports-crazed household to watch the Academy Awards with me tonight, or at least the fashion pre-coverage, as long as there was a steady flow of beer and whiskey.  But I thought that I'd class it up a bit and drink pink.  I love the idea of sipping on a French 75, but can't exactly afford premium champagne.  So instead, I bought a Brut Rosé and made a slightly cheekier version of an old classic.  I hope you enjoy this cocktail recipe, I know I sure am. 

Sip on this bubbly creation in your pajamas, while you watch emaciated starlets squeezed into haute- couture creations trying to remain upbeat.  It will make you feel blessed for being on the other side of the fame game. 

The Pink Oscar

5 parts Cuvée Catherine Rosé Brut
1 part Bombay Sapphire Gin
1/2 lime  

My flutes are pretty small so I mixed 1/2 oz. gin with 2 1/2 oz. champagne.  Squeeze half a lime into the glass.  P.S.  The brut is pretty decent by itself if you're not feeling the gin.  P.P.S. I hope American Hustle wins it all, if only because Amy Adams has the absolute best cleavage known to mankind.