Glossless Loves...Macaron Trinket Boxes

Sometimes I make fluff purchases that I instantly regret, like the time I bought an entire set of plastic plates and a carrying tray for a BBQ that I was organizing that got heavily rained out and canceled.
A year has passed and those plates have yet to be used.  They just stare at me from their perch on top of my kitchen shelf, silently mocking me for not adequately checking the weather before planning a party outdoors.    

But there is one fluff purchase that I will never regret, which is my new Macaron Trinket Box from Drake General Store.  At first I thought, what the hell am I going to put into that little box shaped like a french confection?  The answer is...drum roll please...trinkets.  I use it to store my earrings, rings, bobby pins, you name it.  It also comes in a variety of other colours but I chose pink because I'm a creature of habit.  At $12 a pop, it's manageable.  I'm thinking of getting each of my girlfriends one. We shall see, no promises.

 Now tell me, what do you think of this little trinket box, and what colour would you choose yours in?