This Week's Wine Pick...Is Not A Wine At All

I didn't ever think I'd be switching up my weekly wine pick for a single beer, but the bottle was just so darn beautiful.  I'm such a sucker for presentation that I threw my original plan, which was to pick up a pale rosé to celebrate the first day of Spring, out the window. All for a craft-beer called Beau's Siduri No.38 White Pepper Saison.

To give this beer credit, it was aged in red icewine barrels, so it kinda falls loosely under a wine pick, right? Who am I kidding.  I am a casual craft beer drinker who knows next to nothing about beer, but this particular brew reminded my household of Blanche de Chambly (a Quebec staple).  I thought Beau's new offering had more personality.  It was slightly spicy and sweet without an artificial aftertaste.

Tasting notes: White Peppercorn, Fruit, Red Grapes

Pair with:  Homemade Falafel

Cost:  $9.85 CDN for 600 ml

Perks: I feel like you could actually host/hostess gift one of these bottles (Beau's offers 4 varieties) and the recipient would be flattered that you changed up the usually wine bottle exchange at the door.  That is if they like beer.

Cons: While this beer bottle is considerably cheaper than most decent wines, it's still a bit of a steep price-point for one beer.  Would you fork out almost $10 for a brewsky? I would.

Overall Glossless Rating (based on totally unscientific and arbitrary values): 9.3/10