Glossless Loves...Statement Pillows

I've got a little bit of a pillow fetish, and how could I not?  In my opinion, sleeping is the 2nd best activity on the planet, right behind eating and right before the other stuff that you do in bed.   No matter how much the rest of my apartment is in shambles, my bed will always look half decent. 

A friend of mine stumbled into my apartment after a night of dancing recently and asked me "Does your bed always look that nice?"  The answer is yes.  The day I don't make my bed is the day you can commit me.   A fresh bed is a fresh lease on life, every single morning.  Beds are so bloody easy to accessorize too, all you need is throw and a few pillows and you're set. 

I'm constantly on the hunt for a good pillow to add to my bed (it's a lot less creepier then a bed of dolls, right?), so you can imagine how excited I got when I went to the One of a Kind Show a few weeks back with my coworkers and found a vendor called Sarah Smile that makes custom pillows.  This vendor had pillows with flower prints, pillows with macarons, you name it.  I left with something a little cheesier then I would ever imagine myself purchasing.  Nothing says bossy (or romantic) quite like "Always Kiss Me Goodnight" front and center on your bed.  I think if my beau had his pick, he would have a matching pillow that says "Always Let Me Play Video Games Before Bed" for good measure.

So what exactly are your thoughts on statement pillows, do you find them tacky or charming? If you had to get one, what would yours say?