Pit Stop: Sparrow in Bloor West Village

The Raspberry Fizz Cocktail at Sparrow will make you walk out, tipsy, with a flower in your hair

Ever had that dilemma where you desired after work drinks but wanted to stay close to your home base so that you could say ta-ta at any moment and run home to your pajamas and Netflix? Well, up until now, if you've lived in Bloor West Village like me (I like to call my hood Sleepy Hollow) it's been kind of a challenge.  There are just not that many places to order a fancy cocktail around these parts.

BWV is a great place to live if you prefer the company of active octogenarians and families who wear fanny packs to snooty hipsters and their offspring, who came out of the womb cooler than you'll ever be.

In BWV, you never having to worry about being snubbed for choosing to wear head-to-toe sweats and a ball cap to run your errands.  

But then Sparrow (2197 Bloor Street West) happened... and suddenly I'm worried that walking into this joint with a plain gray t-shirt and Birkenstocks might be underdressed.  Let's make one thing clear, I am over-the-moon excited about finally having a slightly upscale watering hole/pub/restaurant to step up the restaurant game around here.  Sparrow also does a supposedly salivating brunch menu with an abundant selection of caesars until about 3pm.

When my beau and I arrived around 6pm the other night, the place was just gearing up for dinner.  I wanted to try something off of the menu but practiced restraint, as supper was already simmering at home.  Instead, I settled for a delightful gin-based Raspberry Fizz cocktail ($13, see above) which packed enough of a punch to actually encourage me to stick to my budget-induced one drink rule.   

I can't wait to return to Sparrow to try their brunch options, cause let's face it, Sleepy Hollow tends to be a lot more happening in the late morning/early afternoon hours. Thank you, Sparrow, for waking us up a little!  Now maybe my friends will actually agree to meet me in my neck of the woods.  Did I mention they have a summer patio?