Glossless Loves...All Mine Caramel

This past Friday was a Friday the 13th and many news outlets were reporting it was also going to be a full moon, which apparently happens very rarely on a F-13.  My nerd boyfriend ruined all the superstitious fun when he announced that it was only a "99% percent waning gibbous moon" but I still didn't want to tempt fate and go out after dusk on the day that inspired one of the most infamous horror movie franchises of all time.

My solutions was to stay home and watch a somewhat scary movie (I really can't stomach gory horror flicks).  We settled on David Lynch's Mulholland Drive, which was more confusing than scary really. Jer wasn't a big fan, and could even be heard saying "I will never get those few hours that I wasted watching this movie back".  But one thing he didn't complain about was the snacks I picked up at a little outdoor street fair outside my work.

All Mine Caramel is a junction shop that makes small batches of caramel chocolates, popcorn and other confections.  Their mouth watering caramel-cayenne corn has no GMO's in it, which really pleases my health-conscious mother-in-law.  For me, All Mine's popcorn was the perfect balance of sweet and savoury, without having any sort of chemical taste you sometimes encounter with flavoured movie theatre popcorn.  I'll guiltily admit that I also couldn't resist buying their chocolate dipped bacon strip, which is just as amazing as it sounds.  I shared the popcorn, but the bacon strip, as the company's name suggest, was all mine.

Just proof that a mediocre movie night doesn't need to be accompanied by mediocre snacks.  Seriously though, you need to try their bacon strip.