Weekly Wine Pick: The Grinder Pinotage 2013

Okay, so this is not caffeinated wine.  As far as I know, that doesn't exist.  But you've got to admire a wine that pays homage to the great drink that gets us up in the morning.  As you've probably guessed from the bulk of my reviews, I'm not a huge red wine fan.  But there are a couple of reds out there that get my seal of approval.  This South African wine, that has notes of espresso in it, is one of them:

Tasting notes: Coffee, Nut, Spice
Pair with:  Pulled Pork Poutine, Red Meat

Cost:  $ 13.95 CDN

Perks: This wine has a sort of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory type charm.  I love its design and think it would be a great wine to stock for a themed party.
Cons: Not as spicy as some of the few reds I enjoy, but that's okay.

Overall Glossless Rating (based on totally unscientific and arbitrary values): 7.8/10