Martini of the Moment: The Darn Near Perfect Lychee

A classic lychee martini is miles more sophisticated than gorging on lychees straight out of the can, and quite simple to execute as well.  You don't need a fancy certificate in mixology to nail this one.  All you need for this perfect summer sipper is a bit of vodka, triple sec, lychee and ice.

I wanted to post a video of my boyfriend (who is a former bartender) making this drink, but he was too shy to get in front of the camera and narrate the process.  The best I could do was get a shot of him pouring the concoction into my cheapo martini glasses.  Ah well, there's always next time.  Meanwhile, below is the recipe for a darn near perfect lychee martini.

If hosting a small cocktail or dinner party, the lychee martini can serve as a nice dessert drink or a surprising switch-up from your usual bottle of chilled wine with your appetizers. 

The Darn Near Perfect Lychee Martini


2 oz. vodka
2 oz. lychee juice
1 oz. triple sec


Prepare martini glass with an ice cube to chill the glass.  Pour your ingredients into a martini shaker with several ice cubes.  Mix vigorously.  Pour mixture into a martini glass, with or without ice cube, depending on preference.  Garnish with a couple of lychees.

Note:  The sweetness of this drink will distract you from the fact that it packs a real punch.  When you start asking for another 'Mechee Lartini' I'd say it's time to call it a night.  Drink responsibly and enjoy!