Did You Have a 'Relax-Full' Weekend?

After coming off of a three-day or four-day weekend it's always hard to get back into the swing of things.  It's as if those few days of leisure give us a glimpse of all the things we could be doing with our time if money wasn't the motivation that loomed over every decision in life.

In a perfect world of forever weekends, some of us would be constant gardeners, while others would be certified beach bums, and still some of us would be happy to play out the rest of our days in a cabin with a cup of coffee, a typewriter and a few really, really good books.  I guess that's what retirement is for.

But since my generation will probably all be retiring at 90 (considering the current economy) all we have for the moment are those few long weekends and vacation days to break up the monotony of our week;  a few crystallized sprinkles on an otherwise vanilla doughnut. 

Yesterday, I found myself asking someone if they had had a 'relax-full' weekend.  My brain was still on auto-pilot so it took me a moment of reflection and embarrassment to realize that 'relax-full' is not a word.  I guess I was going for a mixture of peaceful and relaxing, but it came out as a jumble of both.  But then it occurred to me that maybe there is a sort of usefulness for this made-up word, at least for people like me.

If you're the type of person who is happiest when they've got a full agenda of activities booked up for their weekend, then maybe 'relax-full' is what you're going for.  Maybe it's impossible for you to unwind as soon as your weekend begins, and you need a marathon of epic proportions to coax you into some post-sweat zen-like state.

I personally only start truly relaxing on day three of my four day weekend, which is why super long weekends are so precious to me.  Whether I'm on a trip with family or friends, or just hanging out my with my boyfriend in and around the apartment, my long weekend usually plays out like so:

Day One: I'm consumed by the shock of trying to adjust to so much free time on my hands and making sure I've got a shit-ton planned to keep me busy. 

Day Two: I spend over-analyzing whether I feel relaxed-enough while gnawing at my cuticles and fluttering from one task to another.  You can see me pacing around a lot on this day.

Day Three: This day is a sort of oasis in the desert where I stop beating myself up for not being an instant-relaxer and just sort of let myself be.

Day Four: By this day I'm either bored or antsy or both and ready to get back to the real world.

So 'relax-full',by definition, is my kind of weekend.  A weekend jammed full of stuff with a sliver of relaxation in there for good measure. 

What about you?  Do you find it hard to relax on the weekends? What's your method for mellowing out?