How Long Until My Brain Gets It Right...

A couple of months ago I texted my husband, who was in bed at a reasonable hour while I was out drinking with friends, the following self-loathing dribble, "What if sadness is just a part of my DNA?" I can't remember how he responded, and since I've accidentally smashed my phone on a concrete floor, it will forever remain a mystery to me. 

But I started wondering if this statement is indeed true?  Should I wave up my hands and use sadness as a blanket excuse for all of my impulsive or avoidance behaviour- the medium pizza that I gorge on, the one too many beer I kick back, the funds in my bank account that always seem to be on a downwards trajectory, the running shoes that I neglect near my front door?

It often seems like inertia is my kryptonite. I tend to start the week or month off with the best of intentions for self-improvement, but as soon as my emotions take a swan dive I'm all too quick to duck for cover under comfortable blankets or park myself in front of the television. My intention in writing this mini-rant is not get any type of sympathy, but rather to ask others how they get through their self-imposed personal barriers?

They say that we are all of our worst enemies, but for once I'd like to befriend myself. I'm just not so sure where to start. I'm the queen of taking shortcuts, even if I'm not doing myself any favours in the long run. I'd love to hear whether any of you have ever experienced great difficulty with motivation, and how you propelled yourself forward?