How Do You Embrace Your Summer Heart?



What’s your favourite season? I think it’s clear from the title of this post what mine is. There’s something about overgrown landscapes combined with heat and plenty of sunshine that just makes me feel my happiest. Since my husband and I finally caved in and bought a car, we’ve been able to really take in summer, now more than ever. Every weekend is another opportunity for a drive, and getting out in nature has given us the chance to reflect on what really matters, like family, good health and a sense of purpose.

What a perfect season for mindfulness and little glimmers of freedom. The freedom I’m talking about is the kind you feel in your soul, even if you’re tethered to life’s obligations. We don’t have kids, but I hope if we do that we can share this love of adventure with them. Life is so full of uncertainty, that it’s nice to feel as though we’re stockpiling memories to treasure down the road. Our mini stray-cations (I know it’s not a word but I like the sound of it) are like a sort of reprieve from the daily grind, which can become repetitive.

My only issue with this season is something that I struggle with internally. I sometimes get summer fomo or fear of missing out, where I worry that it’s passing by too quickly and I’m not savouring it enough. I realize these days that it’s just anxiety that’s telling me this fib, and that if I write down some notes of gratitude about what I’ve observed this summer, I can quell my worry.

So here’s to the beautiful farmers’ fields I’ve passed with cows gently grazing, to the vineyards soaking up the heat, to the feeling of my head underwater in a cooling pool, and to the clink of glasses when I’m celebrating with good friends.

Now it’s your turn. I want to hear about your summer. How do you mindfully embrace your summer heart?